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The black and white photography workshop on film, aims to provide the participants with the first theoretical and practical notions of camera use and black and white printing techniques.

The course intends to propose a different approach to photography and the gaze of reality, we want to bring participants to an awareness of the perception and interpretation of what is around us, in opposition to the “hit and run” system proposed by the introduction of smartphones that allow an infinite number of photographs, but almost always of very poor quality and without a real observation and “presence” in the moment. Without a conscious choice. A tendency towards infinite homologation, a chemical hunger for images to exist.

Making a photograph means to “indicate”, bring to the attention, isolate from the rest a detail of the world, which in some way has affected our attention or our imagination and its ability to interpret reality, and this leads us to want it “Highlight”, isolate it, make it unique, freeze it “forever” through a click.

With the use of film cameras, and subsequently with the work in the darkroom, we intend to propose this approach to visual art. Using the film our shots are limited, so we will be obliged, to choose when and how to shoot, decide a shot that will force out all the others, ask questions about what we feel, what we want to tell and how we decided to to do it.

The workshop will consist of a series of meetings that starting from the fundamental concepts of photographic technique (what is a diaphragm, a shutter speed, the depth of field …) will soon move on to a reasoning shared with the students what affects us emotionally and how we want to tell it.

There will be moments of “theoretical lesson” and other moments “in the field” in which the children will be invited to work on a proposal brought by them and then evaluate together the shots taken.

For any information, please write to: andreadilemna@inventati.org or message whatsapp: ++39 349.159.159.7

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